"The production's most affecting performance is by Layan Elwazani as Anita, the best friend of leading character Maria. Elwazani is the real deal; a sparkling stage presence, an impactful singing voice – with the diction to make lyrics understood – and the acting ability to carry off the most intense and demanding scenes."

- David Lyman, The Cincinnati Enquirer

(The Carnegie's production of West Side Story)


"For me, though, the star of the show is Layan Elwazani as “Anita.” You can write this down – she will be a superstar of stage and/or screen in the near future.  Her natural charisma makes it difficult to look away when she’s on stage and when you factor in her immense talent, professional ability, and feisty attitude, she’s poised for greatness.  Her facial expressions, her timing, her ability to be funny and sassy and  later vulnerable and angry while maintaining the integrity of the character is one of the best things about this show.  Director Brian Robertson should be proud of what they were able to create together with her supporting role.

-Kirk Shepard, The Sappy Critic"

(The Carnegie's production of West Side Story)

"Winsome Layan Elwazani is appealing with her affective sincerity as Clover."

-Darryl Reilly,

(Phoenix Theatre Ensemble's world premier of The Cult Play"